• Drink plenty of water before and after your massage session.  Being well hydrated before your session, allows for your therapist to work deeper into the muscle tissue. After your session, continue to drink water to flush out toxins and help decrease any soreness you may experience. So, in conclusion.... water, water, water!

  • Do not get a massage if you are sick.  You will become more sick due to the toxins being moved around. 

  • Do not get a massage and then go to work out.  Exercise before you get massage.  You can treat your massage as part of your recovery period from working out, but never the opposite. (The muscles will think they are just getting two workouts and then become very sore!) 

  • If you are pregnant, under the supervision of a doctor, have recently had surgery, or take medication, it is important that you speak with your doctor about receiving massage.  In some cases, approval from a doctor is needed.  Please be aware of the contraindications of massage therapy.  Our therapists have the right to refuse any client, at any time, if they feel it appropriate and detrimental to your well being.   

For more information on other contraindications click here.

nervous? don't be.

              here's what to expect.

It is not uncommon for clients to come in for their first massage session, and naturally, they have a million questions but are afraid to ask them!  This leaves the client uncomfortable, shy, and tense, which is the complete opposite of how we want you to feel. 

If you are one of those clients who are afraid to ask, or someone who is just curious about massage, we've included some information regarding what to expect when coming into Greater Louisville Massage Therapy, and some pre/post tips to ensure that you leave feeling your optimal best. 

If there is a topic or question not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here for YOU!

For first time guests, there is a brief intake form to complete.  We will email new clients this form to fill out and bring with them on their first visit.  When you arrive, you will have a private pre-chat with your therapist discussing why you are here, what you are feeling, and what you would like to achieve through massage.  Your massage therapist will ask you some questions to determine your overall health and goals (i.e., relaxation, flexibility/range of motion (ROM), TMJ relief, maintaining sciatic pain, etc.).

When talking to your therapist, it is important be open and honest . We want you to have the best experience with massage therapy, so don't be afraid to state your needs or wants.  For example, some clients hate to have their feet covered. So we don't cover them! Some clients want only upper body worked on. So we only focus on that.  If you have a spot or area that you don't want worked on, just tell your therapist!

You'll undress to your comfort level, hop on the table, cover up and get ready for some mind, body & soul rejuvenation.


for optimal sessions...